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Friends – 50 years and counting (from my College years)

We were sitting in the Fraternity house when I said “some day I will say I know your guys for 50 years”.  Wow, as we looked at each other and smiled with beer in hand, we pondered and pontificated on how our lives would be then.   

We were “Baby Boomers”, first generation college students growing up in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn and going to a the City University of New York, Hunter College in the Bronx.   Tuition was $ 24 a semester and we all “worked” to pay for books, travel, cars, insurance and the luxuries of the world.  Life was never better and who knew that we grew up in lower and middle class households.

This past week my wife and I had dinner with David and his wife.  We see each other rarely as I am on the west coast and he is in Westchester County, however the bonds of “50 years” were never stronger.  We hugged each other and joked that now we talk about health, doctors, challenges with grown up children, etc.  However it was only like yesterday that David and I met.  We were both accounting majors and got to know each other the first weeks of College.  He ultimately chose a different fraternity, but we were always there for each other.  We were both on the Freshman Baseball team, until the Coach found out our GPA’s were below the required minimum for the team;  David drove me to the 42nd St. bus station to go to basic training; I spent the night at his house before my wedding and drove me to the Temple;  he was, with my now wife, the first visitor during basic training and we went on many 24 hour road races together.  So, as we were at dinner, I said “we know each other 50 years” and we reminisced.  After dinner, as we hugged each other, we felt the love and bond that friendship and time brings.

During my time of life at college, while growing as an individual and gaining confidence, I made Friends for life.  Our Fraternity of Brothers were brought together by a “bond” and most all excelled over the years.

So thank you David (although not a Fraternity Brother), and thanks to Fred, Jack, Don M, Don R, Danny K and my AEPi Brothers.

To good health, to family and to “Friends for 50 years & Counting”

My best


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