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Wubbzy’s Pirate Treasure

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Wubbzy’s Space Adventure

In a recent video, Carmen Hernandez of Cupcake Digital discusses how story apps for kids are great educational tools when used as part of an overall approach to education in the home. She also discusses the company’s approach to app development and marketing.

Hernandez is vice president of marketing and communications for Cupcake Digital, a digital media company that develops deluxe storybook and interactive game apps for preschool and elementary age kids, based on existing entertainment properties such as the Emmy Award-winning TV series “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!” and Animal Planet. These apps enable children to have fun learning while they play with tablets, smartphones or e-readers.

Hernandez explains,

“When we look at an app or the idea of an app, we look not only at the narrative and the story, but we also look at the educational components, which is why it’s been really important to us to involve experts in early childhood education so that we work as a team.”

Wubbzy Grown-Up’s Corner

She says that the company’s ultimate objective is to go beyond the app’s development. For example, every “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!” app has a marketing ecosystem built around it, which is something that can be great for parents who want to take interact with their children beyond the app itself. Parents can go to iWubbzy.com and onto social media platforms like Facebook to download free activities and videos they can experience with their children.

At the end of every Wubbzy app, Cupcake Digital includes a “Grown-Up’s Corner” as a guide to help parents have meaningful conversations with their kids after reading the storybook or playing with the games. Those questions are vetted by experts in early childhood education to make certain they are capturing the conversation points that will most benefit kids.

Hernandez’s 6-year-old daughter is one of Cupcake Digital’s “quality assurance experts.” She says her daughter loves to be part of the company:

“It’s really been fun for her to be one of our quality assurance experts. These apps, at the end of the day–while parents are making the purchasing decisions–they have to entertain kids. And so if they don’t entertain our kids, they aren’t going to entertain other kids. So we get our kids involved in the process of developing the app and reading it before it ever is seen by anyone outside of our company.”

View the full video below:

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