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Wubbzy’s Space Adventure, First in a Series of Spanish Language Enhanced Story Experiences

NEW YORK, NY (April 8, 2013) – Wubbzy’s Space Adventure, the first of Cupcake Digital’s popular enhanced story apps to give consumers the option of toggling between English and Spanish with the simple touch of a button, is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and for NOOK for $1.99, or as a free upgrade for those who have already downloaded the English-only version. It is an important initiative for the company to provide these story experiences for young children and parents who want high-quality apps in Spanish. By giving parents this choice, the company is meeting several objectives: supporting the needs of parents who want to experience the apps in their native tongue, providing a tool for bilingual parents who want their kids to practice Spanish and giving children a way to practice some basic language skills.  The Spanish narration and individually highlighted words in the app are designed specifically for teaching the basics of spelling and vocabulary and could be used to practice the language.

“We are incredibly excited to share our wonderful array of apps in Spanish,” said Brad Powers, Chairman of Cupcake Digital. “My wife is Hispanic and we had the idea that an app available in English and Spanish might be a good way to get my son excited about the language. When I was searching for Spanish language apps for him, I found there was very limited to no availability for the kinds of apps he would like. We recognized a need, and felt it was a choice we wanted to give consumers. We have made it our goal that every one of our story apps will be followed closely by a Spanish version, and we look forward to making them available in other languages as well.”

Wow! Wow! features include:

·      Now bi-lingual (English and Spanish): Being able to hear the same story in two languages allows for natural language acquisition through hearing a familiar story in another language

·      Three reading modes: Just a Book, Read to Me and Read & Play

·      Fun mini-games within the story

·      Three original sing-a-long music videos taken from the popular EmmyÒ Award-winning series

·      Coloring pages with scenes straight from the story

·      A Grown-Up’s Corner to guide parents, teachers and caregivers in discussing the story with kids

Wubbzy’s vibrant and exciting adventures in other top-rated apps will soon be available in Spanish, including Wubbzy’s Pirate Treasure, Wubbzy’s Train Adventure and Wubbzy’s Dinosaur Adventure and others. Wubbzy and friends are also interacting with Spanish-speaking fans on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as iWubbzy, iDaizy, iWidget and iWalden.

English Trailer with Intro:

Spanish Trailer with intro:


About Cupcake Digital

Cupcake Digital, Inc. was established in June 2012 with the intent of transforming children’s entertainment properties into deluxe story experiences infused with educational elements.    Its first venture into digital applications was based on the EmmyÒ Award-winning television series “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!Ò”  These apps immediately rose to # 1 and # 3 among children’s book apps on Amazon and iTunes respectively.  Since then, every subsequent children’s app created by Cupcake Digital has achieved a top 10 ranking on Amazon.  Headquartered in NYC, Cupcake Digital was founded by proven professionals in the fields of technology, family entertainment, publishing and brand marketing.  In October of 2012, Cupcake Digital received its first round of private funding and has since gone on to partner with additional major children’s entertainment properties.  For more information about Cupcake Digital Inc., please visit www.cupcakedigital.com.

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UnknownDear Friends,

I’m happy to send this update on the exciting progress at Cupcake Digital, Inc.

Release of New Apps


March has seen the release of several new apps including Wubbzy, The Superhero, one of our best apps to date. In addition to our new Common Core activities, this title also includes an addictive game hidden within the story. The first two people to find the game and send me a screen shot will get a $25.00 iTunes gift card (Cupcake employees are exempt). Please check it out: http://www.cupcakedigital.com/apps/wubbzy-the-superhero/

We have also released our first faith-based storybook, He is Risen: The Easter Story, for Nest Family apps. To learn more, click here: http://nestfamilyapps.com/press-and-media/

Please watch later this month for more releases, including our first Animal Planet title.

Properties & Pipeline


I am delighted to announce our partnership with Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock animated series. Please see our latest press release: http://www.cupcakedigital.com/blog/the-jim-henson-company-licenses-cupcake-digital-to-capture-the-magic-of-classic-fraggle-rock-animated-episode-reimagined-as-enhanced-story-apps/


I am also proud to announce our partnership with American Greeting’s Strawberry Shortcake. The team is already working on our first Strawberry Shortcake app. I will be sending more news on this property soon.
Continued Accolades for Cupcake Digital Apps


I am happy to report that four of our children’s apps were named Parents’ Choice Award winners. Specifically: Wubbzy’s Pirate Treasure; Wubbzy’s Space Adventure; Wubbzy’s The Night Before Christmas; and Wubbzy’s Train Adventure.

The Parents’ Choice Foundation is the nation’s oldest nonprofit guide to quality children’s media and toys. Parents’ Choice Award Seals are internationally recognized and respected icons of quality. The Foundation’s product evaluation process addresses: developmentally appropriate content and challenges; design and function; educational value; long-term play value; and benefits to a child’s social and emotional growth and well being.

Cupcake Digital has also been lauded as one of the top app companies, winning awards like the AppySmart’s Editor’s Favorite for Wubbzy’s Fire Engine, Wubbzy’s Night Before Christmas, and Wubbzy’s Space Adventure and garnering dozens of favorable reviews including iPad Kids, Jellybeans Tunes, Appolicious, Rock-A-Bye Parents, AOL Tech, Wired and many more.

Distribution Partnerships


On Friday, March 22, 2013, Wubbzy’s Space Adventure was a top feature in the special free app of the day (“FAD”) promotion for the 2013 anniversary of the Amazon apps platform in the US and EU. We’re very excited about this promotion, and look forward to seeing more customers download this app!

This is the third month in a row that Amazon has featured one of our apps. So far we have enjoyed over 136,000 downloads as a result of this partnership. For more information please visit: http://www.cupcakedigital.com/blog/cupcake-digitals-selection-as-amazons-free-app-of-the-day/


Our apps have also been prominently featured by Barnes & Noble via e-mail blasts and online for the NOOK tablets. For more information please visit: http://www.cupcakedigital.com/blog/wubbzy-interactive-storybook-app-featured-on-nook-advertisement/
In the upcoming weeks and months I will continue to update you our partnerships with our distribution partners.

Social Responsibly

Be sure to read our latest positioning paper discussing our commitment to social responsibility in the development of entertainment-based children’s apps and how we conduct business. One of Cupcake Digital’s guiding principles is to create apps that balance fun and entertainment with the priorities of safety, privacy and education. To learn more, please visit: http://www.cupcakedigital.com/blog/cupcake-digitals-commitment-to-excellent-and-educational-apps-for-children/

In addition to the positioning paper, we are adding a grown-up’s section to our website. This section provides caregivers with additional fun and educational activities to complement our apps. We have also included a Parent’s Guide that informs caregivers how Cupcake Digital’s apps are designed to be part of a child’s learning and growth process. The grown-up’s section will be updated on an ongoing basis. Plus, we’ll soon be featuring an educator’s guide. For more information, please visit: http://www.cupcakedigital.com/grown-ups-corner/

Make Your Opinion Count: Download & Review a Cupcake App Today

As always, if you have not already done so, please visit http://www.cupcakedigital.com/apps/ and click on the store icon of your choice (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or Nook) to download our apps on any mobile phone or tablet device.

Give it a test drive and make sure to write a review! Encourage your friends, family and loved ones to do the same. Help us create a bigger viral buzz about the quality of our products.

Thank you for your support! I will continue to update you on a regular basis. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or comments.


Brad Powers


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Wubbzy’s Pirate Treasure

Kooky Kostume Kreator

Wubbzy’s Space Adventure

In a recent video, Carmen Hernandez of Cupcake Digital discusses how story apps for kids are great educational tools when used as part of an overall approach to education in the home. She also discusses the company’s approach to app development and marketing.

Hernandez is vice president of marketing and communications for Cupcake Digital, a digital media company that develops deluxe storybook and interactive game apps for preschool and elementary age kids, based on existing entertainment properties such as the Emmy Award-winning TV series “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!” and Animal Planet. These apps enable children to have fun learning while they play with tablets, smartphones or e-readers.

Hernandez explains,

“When we look at an app or the idea of an app, we look not only at the narrative and the story, but we also look at the educational components, which is why it’s been really important to us to involve experts in early childhood education so that we work as a team.”

Wubbzy Grown-Up’s Corner

She says that the company’s ultimate objective is to go beyond the app’s development. For example, every “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!” app has a marketing ecosystem built around it, which is something that can be great for parents who want to take interact with their children beyond the app itself. Parents can go to iWubbzy.com and onto social media platforms like Facebook to download free activities and videos they can experience with their children.

At the end of every Wubbzy app, Cupcake Digital includes a “Grown-Up’s Corner” as a guide to help parents have meaningful conversations with their kids after reading the storybook or playing with the games. Those questions are vetted by experts in early childhood education to make certain they are capturing the conversation points that will most benefit kids.

Hernandez’s 6-year-old daughter is one of Cupcake Digital’s “quality assurance experts.” She says her daughter loves to be part of the company:

“It’s really been fun for her to be one of our quality assurance experts. These apps, at the end of the day–while parents are making the purchasing decisions–they have to entertain kids. And so if they don’t entertain our kids, they aren’t going to entertain other kids. So we get our kids involved in the process of developing the app and reading it before it ever is seen by anyone outside of our company.”

View the full video below:

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