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Dear Friends, – by Brad Powers, Founder & CEO

April has been a tremendous month for Cupcake Digital Inc. and I’m extremely excited to share our exciting progress you.

App News:

April has not only been our strongest month for App production, but we continue to achieve top ranking positions for our releases on major distribution platforms.

In fact, yesterday Wubbzy’s Dance Party, an App released only this past Tuesday (4/23), achieved the “#1 Paid App” ranking for iPad in Apple iTunes books in just three days.


Other April Releases Include:

pngApril 4: Wubbzy’s Magic School

In this feature-rich, deluxe storybook app, Wubbzy’s Magic School! After a day at Moo Moo the Magician’s Castle, the friends learn that magic really does happen when you believe in yourself and try your hardest.


April 11: Wubbzy’s Space Adventure / Wubbzy en una Aventura Espacial

This is a very special release since it is our offering to include both an English and Spanish version within the same App.  Kids, parents, and caregivers now have the choice of language with which to listen to the narration or read the story themselves.

This initiative not only increases the addressable market for our Apps, but also expands our marketing capabilities.

We are currently working on adding a Spanish version to a series of English-only Apps in our existing library across all distribution channels.

April 16: Animal Planet’s Hide and Seek Pets

Wubbzy’s Dance Party, an App released only this past Tuesday (4/23), achieved the “#1 Paid App” ranking for iPad in Apple iTunes books in just three days.


This is our first App for Animal Planet marking the first property expansion for our library beyond Wow, Wow, Wubbzy.

We are extremely excited about both the sales generated and the reviews we have been getting.  Premium priced at $3.99, this App has already already reached the “#3 position” within HOT New Education Section on Amazon.


Apr 25: Wubbzy’s Animal Coloring Book


This marks the debut of our new coloring engine.  It will not only allow us to create “stand alone” coloring and activity books for all our properties, but it will also be integrated into all of our new Apps.
Looking Ahead:

Early May: Fraggle Rock “Fraggle Friends Forever”

This release will expand our App library to three active licensed properties.

As part of the preparations for its release, I have just returned from the 30th Anniversary Celebration for Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock in Los Angeles.  We have provided sneak peeks to several national media outlets. The feedback has been fantastic.

The App launch in early May will be supported by a significant media campaign in collaboration with the Henson organization.

In June: Strawberry Shortcake

We look forward to our first App release for American Greeting’s Strawberry Shortcake in June with great anticipation.

Strawberry Shortcake is an iconic children’s property and we are proud to be their licensed partner. This will be the fourth active licensed property in our growing App library.

Like all our properties, the launch of the Strawberry Shortcake App will be supported by a robust marketing campaign to increase sales rapidly.

Properties & Licensing Pipeline

We continue to make great progress in our property acquisition initiatives.  We are currently in the final stages of negotiation with several “A+” properties and will be making announcements about them shortly.

Continued Accolades for Cupcake Digital Apps

In addition to increased sales, the positive accolades for our Apps continue to keep pouring in.

We have received a tremendous amount of press with the release of our first dual language App, Wubbzy’s Space Adventure/ Wubbzy en una Aventura Espacial, both in online and traditional press.

We also continue to win awards from Famigo (a site that provides recommendations for kid-safe apps and content) and Appysmarts (a resource that helps parents choose the best apps for their kids).

For a full list of our reviews and awards please visit: http://www.cupcakedigital.com/testimonials/

Distribution Partnerships

One of the key stones of our marketing strategy is building strong relationships with our distribution partners.

Recent results of those relationships include:

1.  iTunes featuring Animal Planet Hide and Seek Pets and Wubbzy’s Dance Party in their New and Noteworthy section.

2.  iTunes also selected Wubbzy’s Pirate Treasure as a feature in a special “Apps for Preschool & Kindergarten” selection.

3.  Amazon also continue to feature Cupcake Digital Inc. Apps throughout their App store. Barnes & Noble is currently planning several “curated” mailings and site positions especially for us.

4.  New Position Paper Regarding Parental Guidelines for Children’s Apps

We are delighted to have recently published a new white paper based on an interview with Dr. Natascha Crandall, PH.D.  Dr. Crandall is a psychologist and educator with a special interest in enhancing children’s growth and development through the power of media. This paper explores Dr. Crandall’s findings on App use by children while also establishing a framework for the continuous improvement of our own Apps.

As part of the white paper we also included parent and caregiver guidelines for using Apps as a supplement to children’s learning.

To read the complete position paper, please visit:


Make Your Opinion Count: Download & Review a Cupcake App Today!

As always, if you have not already done so, please visit http://www.cupcakedigital.com/apps/ and click on the store icon of your choice (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or Nook) to download our Apps on any mobile phone or tablet device.

Give it a test drive and make sure to write a review!

Encourage your friends, family and loved ones to do the same. Help us create a bigger viral buzz about the quality of our products.

Thank you for your on-going support! I will continue to update you on a regular basis.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or comments.


Brad Powers


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Leading App Developer Cupcake Digital Releases

Wubbzy’s Space Adventure, First in a Series of Spanish Language Enhanced Story Experiences

NEW YORK, NY (April 8, 2013) – Wubbzy’s Space Adventure, the first of Cupcake Digital’s popular enhanced story apps to give consumers the option of toggling between English and Spanish with the simple touch of a button, is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and for NOOK for $1.99, or as a free upgrade for those who have already downloaded the English-only version. It is an important initiative for the company to provide these story experiences for young children and parents who want high-quality apps in Spanish. By giving parents this choice, the company is meeting several objectives: supporting the needs of parents who want to experience the apps in their native tongue, providing a tool for bilingual parents who want their kids to practice Spanish and giving children a way to practice some basic language skills.  The Spanish narration and individually highlighted words in the app are designed specifically for teaching the basics of spelling and vocabulary and could be used to practice the language.

“We are incredibly excited to share our wonderful array of apps in Spanish,” said Brad Powers, Chairman of Cupcake Digital. “My wife is Hispanic and we had the idea that an app available in English and Spanish might be a good way to get my son excited about the language. When I was searching for Spanish language apps for him, I found there was very limited to no availability for the kinds of apps he would like. We recognized a need, and felt it was a choice we wanted to give consumers. We have made it our goal that every one of our story apps will be followed closely by a Spanish version, and we look forward to making them available in other languages as well.”

Wow! Wow! features include:

·      Now bi-lingual (English and Spanish): Being able to hear the same story in two languages allows for natural language acquisition through hearing a familiar story in another language

·      Three reading modes: Just a Book, Read to Me and Read & Play

·      Fun mini-games within the story

·      Three original sing-a-long music videos taken from the popular EmmyÒ Award-winning series

·      Coloring pages with scenes straight from the story

·      A Grown-Up’s Corner to guide parents, teachers and caregivers in discussing the story with kids

Wubbzy’s vibrant and exciting adventures in other top-rated apps will soon be available in Spanish, including Wubbzy’s Pirate Treasure, Wubbzy’s Train Adventure and Wubbzy’s Dinosaur Adventure and others. Wubbzy and friends are also interacting with Spanish-speaking fans on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as iWubbzy, iDaizy, iWidget and iWalden.

English Trailer with Intro:

Spanish Trailer with intro:


About Cupcake Digital

Cupcake Digital, Inc. was established in June 2012 with the intent of transforming children’s entertainment properties into deluxe story experiences infused with educational elements.    Its first venture into digital applications was based on the EmmyÒ Award-winning television series “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!Ò”  These apps immediately rose to # 1 and # 3 among children’s book apps on Amazon and iTunes respectively.  Since then, every subsequent children’s app created by Cupcake Digital has achieved a top 10 ranking on Amazon.  Headquartered in NYC, Cupcake Digital was founded by proven professionals in the fields of technology, family entertainment, publishing and brand marketing.  In October of 2012, Cupcake Digital received its first round of private funding and has since gone on to partner with additional major children’s entertainment properties.  For more information about Cupcake Digital Inc., please visit www.cupcakedigital.com.

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Four of Cupcake Digital’s children’s apps were recently named Parent’s Choice Award winners.

The Parents’ Choice Foundation is the nation’s oldest nonprofit guide to quality children’s media and toys. Parents’ Choice Award Seals are  internationally recognized and respected icons of quality. The Foundation’s product evaluation process addresses: developmentally appropriate content and challenges; design and function; educational value; long-term play value; and benefits to a child’s social and emotional growth and well being.

The four apps that received the Parent’s Choice Classic, Fun Stuff Award are “Wubbzy’s Pirate Treasure,” “Wubbzy’s Space Adventure,” “Wubbzy’s The Night Before Christmas” and “Wubbzy’s Train Adventure”. Each of these apps was produced in 2012 for children around the world to interact with one of children’s favorite television characters, Wubbzy.

Cupcake Digital has been lauded as one of the top app companies, winning awards like the AppySmart’s Editor’s Favorite for Wubbzy’s Fire Engine and Wubbzy’s Night Before Christmas, and garnering dozens of favorable reviews around the Internet, including iPad Kids, Jellybeans Tunes, Appolicious, Rock-A-Bye Parents, AOL Tech, Wired and many more.

Cupcake Digital’s apps blend entertainment with learning moments in fun stories about Wubbzy and his friends. Recent Wubbzy apps include games and activities designed help prepare preschoolers to meet the Common Core State Standards required for kindergarten and first grade. Each Wubbzy app comes packed with extras, from the much-lauded “Grown-Up’s Corner” that encourages discussion about the story between an adult and child to bonus music videos and coloring pages.

We take great pride in being awarded the 2013 Parent’s Choice Class, Fun Stuff Award!

Read more about the award here. 

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Cupcake Digital Infuses Educational Elements into its Children’s Apps

by Brad Powers, CEO & Founder

November, 2012

Since Apple began taking pre-orders for the first-generation iPad in March of 2010, the landscape of tablets has not only transformed dramatically, but also given birth to a new industry: deluxe storybook apps.  Since Cupcake Digital’s inception, the company has been at the forefront of the industry in the development of exciting, high quality apps that meet the demands of: children, parents, caregivers and educators.  Our apps have been consistently top-ranked among children’s app ratings on Amazon, iTunes and Common Sense Media.  Maintaining a lead in this highly competitive market requires ongoing innovation and a clear focus on exceeding the needs of the market.  To that end, we are adding specific learning components to every app we introduce to further enhance the quality of our product offering and, as a result, increase our market share and build brand loyalty.  The following positioning paper outlines our rationale in the selection of educational elements based on new, nationwide educational standards and describes how they will be infused into our current and future products.


By collaborating with education consultants and aligning with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Cupcake Digital has taken important steps to enhance the educational value of its product offering.  These standards are a set of educational guidelines that are being adopted across the nation to help teachers ensure their students have the skills and knowledge they need to be successful by providing clear goals for student learning at each grade level. Parents, caregivers and teachers can feel confident that our apps help prepare preschool and elementary school children for what will be required of them.

The objective of this position paper is to demonstrate the importance of infusing educational elements into our current and future children’s apps and to show how those elements will be integrated.

It is the first in a series that will provide on-going updates.


A quick look around us – in homes, on the street, in restaurants and on airplanes – demonstrates the vast proliferation of tablets and smart phones. For many young children today, interaction with mobile “apps” will be their first introduction to entertainment and learning.

Parents choose to use apps in different ways and for different purposes: to occupy a child at the dinner table; to read a bedtime story together; to play games that expand their knowledge and advance their fine motor skills; to engage, entertain and just have fun.

At Cupcake Digital, we believe that however apps are used, we can harness this new medium to deliver rewarding experiences on a spectrum of levels for young children.

Cupcake Digital’s Mission

Cupcake Digital stands at the forefront of a new medium:  mobile apps for kids.  We take this responsibility seriously and will explain our mission and our methodology as a company in this document.

We are first and foremost in the business of kids’ entertainment. Our apps are designed to provide fun and help bring children and caregivers together.   As a thoughtful and caring company, we also see an opportunity to deliver not only a fun and entertaining experience to children, but also an enriching and educational one

We think broadly about developing our products with multiple opportunities for learning  — providing a playful introduction to the worlds of reading and knowledge, imagination and creativity, early critical thinking and building of mathematics skills.

The power of play is limitless. It is the intention of Cupcake Digital to use it wisely and responsibly for the benefit of young children and their development.  While having fun with an app, a child can also become better prepared for success when he or she reaches kindergarten, or greater success if he or she is already in school.

Our Approach

We infuse learning moments into the very fabric of our apps.  From the inception of our company, we have engaged educational consultants to work with us on

age-appropriate activities that spark the imagination and foster development of

pre-school/early elementary level basics.

We test our learning propositions and continue to refine and improve them based on the feedback we get. (And, in the case of existing apps, to update and enhance them on an ongoing basis.)

We are a company of parents, and caregivers with a commitment to delivering positive app experiences to our own children.   We care deeply about how children interact with our apps and how they benefit from them.

We make a collective effort toward continuous improvement of our products and are investing in Common Core principles to maximize that benefit.

By partnering with professionals in the fields of education and children’s entertainment, as well as developmental experts and specialists in CCSS, we are developing fun activities in each of our apps that prompt educational engagement and help teach skills and build knowledge.

Some examples of Common Core activities involve tracing letters, adding numbers of objects, identifying colors and shapes, learning letter and word sounds, or other age-appropriate learning experiences.

In the process of transcreating existing media properties – such as the Emmy award winning Nick Jr. “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!” animated series – into deluxe story experiences, we will integrate activities that are consistent with CCSS into games and additional sections outside of the narrative.

In the case of apps based on Discovery Network’s Animal Planet, we will infuse each app with Common Core Standards in a way that promises to delight young children.

“A further benefit of these apps, “ says Cristina Kaviani Johnson, M.A., Curriculum Consultant, “is that parents and caregivers will recognize the value of these activities and the various opportunities to tailor them to their own children’s needs and interests.”

Every app includes a “Just the Book” mode that allows caregivers to turn off the digital activities (games, sounds, videos, etc.) and focus a child’s attention purely on the words and story. This mode is particularly effective for a child who is learning to read and allows parents and caregivers to share the simple pleasure of just reading a book together quietly.

At the end of each app, caregivers will also find a section called “Grown-Up’s Corner.”  It provides questions and conversation starters related to the story to share with a child to help develop listening and comprehension skills.

A Common Core Corner will review and reinforce skills learned in each app; provide additional activity suggestions to engage in with a child to practice the learning ideas put forth in the app; and lay out each learning zone to help parents understand the various Common Core standards the app is addressing. It will also provide tips on how to prepare a child for his or her first school year(s) and makes getting ready for the new kindergarten standards simple and FUN.

A Vocabulary Builder section accompanies each app to reinforce new words a child has learned.

“Cupcake Digital produces apps that will be infused with a variety of learning experiences from the Common Core Standards curricula, without ever losing sight of our desire to enchant and inspire children along the way,” says Susan Miller, children’s industry veteran and President of Cupcake Digital.

“Our apps give parents a good feeling about how their children are using mobile technology.  They combine play with learning to deliver an enriching and entertaining experience parents can tailor to a child’s needs,” states Neil Friedman, Cupcake Digital Board Member, former Mattel Brands’ President, and former President of US Operations for Toys ‘R’ Us.

It is not our intention to “teach” children in all elements of the CCSS, but to lay the groundwork for some of the key building blocks through familiar, beloved entertainment characters, brands and properties.

As we develop new apps, we will continue to seek exciting ways to enhance the experience for children and give them a learning advantage.

While we understand the power of apps to entertain and teach, we are also aware that technology is a tool that needs to be used wisely.  Equally important to a child’s development is face-to-face communication. In both the Grown Up’s Corner and the Common Core Corner, our apps suggest fun activities designed to engage children “off-screen” in thoughtful discussions, as well as pencil- or crayon-to-paper skill-building exercises.

Please visit http://www.cupcakedigital.com for future updates.

About Cupcake Digital Inc.

Cupcake Digital, Inc. was established in June 2012 with the intent of transforming children’s entertainment properties into deluxe story experiences infused with educational elements.    Its first venture into digital applications was based on the Emmy Award-winning television series “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!”  The app immediately rose to # 1 and # 3 among children’s book apps on Amazon and iTunes respectively.  Since then, every subsequent children’s storybook app created by Cupcake Digital has achieved a top 10 rating on Amazon.  Headquartered in NYC, Cupcake Digital was founded by proven professionals in the fields of technology, family entertainment, publishing and brand marketing.  In October of 2012, Cupcake Digital received its first round of private funding and has since gone on to partner with additional major children’s entertainment properties.  For more information about Cupcake Digital Inc., please contact Carmen Hernandez at pr@cupcakedigital.com or visit www.cupcakedigital.com.





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Storybook App from Cupcake Digital

Young space explorers will love the Wubbzy’s Space Adventure deluxe storybook app, based on a popular episode of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, in which Wubbzy, Daizy, Walden and Widget must help wake up the Man in the Moon so they can see the sun rise in Wuzzleburg. The app is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Android Market and for NOOK for the introductory price of $1.99 and will retail for $2.99.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 15, 2012

Fans of the Amazon and iTunes top rated Wubbzy’s Pirate Treasure and the recently released Disco Dancin’ Wubbzy and Kooky Kostume Kreator WubbGames apps will be excited to experience Wubbzy’s Space Adventure, the latest storybook app inspired by the award-winning Nick Jr. TV series “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!®”. This is the second storybook app featuring the lovable character and his friends to be released by Cupcake Digital. Young space explorers will love the story, based on a popular episode of the show in which Wubbzy, Daizy, Walden and Widget must help wake up the Man in the Moon so they can see the sun rise in Wuzzleburg. The app is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazonand for NOOK for the introductory price of $1.99 and will retail for $2.99.“Space Adventure is a fun story for kids of all ages, brought to life in an exciting digital storybook format that allows Wubbzy’s youngest fans to play, laugh and learn as they help Wubbzy and his friends throughout their journey ,” said Brad Powers, Chairman of Cupcake Digital. “Parents and kids will be very satisfied with the high value this vibrant and exciting app brings to their smartphones and tablets in terms of quality, entertainment and bonus elements.”

Wubbzy’s Space Adventure Wow! Wow! features include:

    •     Three reading modes for allows a child to either read the book and enjoy the interactive fun, or turn on the narration with highlighted words and play along. The Just a Book mode acts as a good, old-fashioned picture book. It turns off interaction and sound, which is perfect for quiet reading time without interactivity.
    •     Experience two exciting mini-games within the storybook.
    •     Three original sing-a-long music videos will make kids want to get up and dance.
    •     Kids will be delighted to paint their favorite characters in fun coloring pages.
  •     Wubbzy’s Space Adventure concludes with a Grown-Up’s Corner to guide parents in discussing the story with their kids.

Parents can visit http://www.iWubbzy.com to find lots of free downloadable activities and videos from the series. Wubbzy and the gang are also interacting with fans on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

About Cupcake Digital
Cupcake Digital, Inc. was formed in June 2012 under the guiding principle that a digital experience designed to make kids smile can also make parents happy. When a child interacts with a tablet, smartphone or e-reader we know they are being given a way to play, laugh, learn and grow. We love being part of that experience. Cupcake has partnered with the creators of the Emmy Award winning series “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!” to develop mobile apps, including the successful “Wubbzy’s Pirate Treasure” storybook app.

NOTE TO MEDIA: Screen grabs, video clips, and promotion codes available upon request.

Carmen Hernandez
Cupcake Digital, Inc.
(310) 383-4875
Email Information

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