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‘Politically Dressed’_ First Daughters’ Fashion, Inauguration Edition – ABC News By SHUSHANNAH WALSHE (@shushwalshe)
Jan. 18, 2013
ABC News with Lauren A. Rothman  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psJXJ0vazUs&feature=share&list=FLaTq937NRvndeAN0g-Gpb2Q

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Most eyes will be on the president Monday when he is sworn in at his second inauguration, but standing beside him and the first lady will be their daughters, Malia and Sasha.

“Politically Dressed” went to Saks Fifth Avenue and spoke with political fashion expert Lauren Rothman about what the first daughters may wear to their father’s swearing in.

No matter what they wear, like the adorable bright pink and blue outfits from J. Crew four years ago it will fly off the shelves.

As Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, Jenna and Barbara Bush, and other young daughters of presidents have done before, Malia and Sasha are sure to be by their parents’ sides for many of the other inauguration events, but they aren’t the young girls we saw four years ago. They are hitting their teen and tween years now. Malia is 14 and Sasha is 11.

Rothman predicted some “hot trends” for the Obama girls like lace, full skirts, tweed, mixing patterns and even neon (see all the trends by watching “Politically Dressed” above).

“You are always going to see them in that full skirt,” Rothman said. “That flirty skirt is really is one of the first daughters’ signature style statements.”

She added that people may see a coordinated Obama family.

“I think the girls are probably going to have a few options and on the day of [the inauguration] will really decide how the first family is going to coordinate,” Rothman said. “I think everyone will want to know what they are wearing and how they’ll replicate it.”

Rothman added that all these trends are good for your average teen, as well, saying they will keep their moms happy, too.

“The full skirt is great because it really hides a multitude of sins,” Rothman said. “It cinches in a tiny waist and it doesn’t let anybody see what’s underneath. So for kids, it’s safe for mom because mom doesn’t feel it’s too tight. It’s not a miniskirt. But it’s also good for girls who are just starting out, and kind of putting their long legs out there, and want to have a little coverage and don’t want to show off too much of their figure.”

Don’t forget the accessories: a cross-body bag and a fun flat are perfect for their age and, really, any age.

“This is the most important part of all these trends, is you don’t want the girls to grow up too fast,” Rothman said.

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