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Machiavelli once said that “politics have no relation to morals.” But do politics have any relation to fashion? It’s a question that continues to rattle the very foundations of this republic — one that The Huffington Post attempted to tackle on the night of the biggest political speech of the year. We’re proud to present our exploration of #SOTUstyle.

How did we stumble upon this idea? Well, we realized that asking members of Congress political questions as they walk the halls on their way to the State of the Union is a time-honored tradition — in fact, it’s so time-honored, it’s become a little dated. So we decided last year to confront lawmakers with the one question their communications teams might not have given them a pre-packaged answer for: Who are you wearing?

This year, as we headed to the Capitol to do it all again, we took not just our cameras but also our in-house style expert, Lauren Rothman, author of Style Bible: What To Wear To Work. We donned our personal best, too, in the hopes that we might inspire some on-trend choices to next year’s address (or maybe just a little daring leather at a committee hearing this spring).

From TV-friendly bright colors to wives picking out clothes, the answers were not disappointing — and we got a couple of incredible stand-outs.

Watch the video above to hear which designers your top elected representatives, including leaders from both parties like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), were wearing to hear President Barack Obama make his big speech. And let us know — in the comments section below, or on Twitter using the hashtag #SOTUstyle — whose ensembles you loved or hated.

We’ll get you started with this rather, um, interesting sighting we made early in the night:


Go to link below to see this video – really good

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Hola – As Style Bible celebrates 1 year, I am so excited to share my article in the October issue of Vogue Espana.  Please call for more information.

Lauren Rothman – lauren@styleauteur.com


StyleBible- What to Wear to Work – at Amazon

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Catch up with Lauren A. Rothman in FORTUNE Magazine this month as she discusses the latest trend for men in the workplace!
#isthetiedead #menswear #whattoweartowork


Check out Lauren in FORTUNE magazine!

The Tie Is So Old School
By Andy Serwer, managing editor @FortuneMagazine

The business you are in is even more telling. Lauren A. Rothman, who runs Styleauteur, a consulting firm based in Washington, D.C., that advises executives at Fortune 500 companies on dressing for success, and who wrote Style Bible: What to Wear to Work, explains: “In creative fields like media, advertising, or marketing, ties are dead. No one wears them except as a fashion accessory. Likewise at startups and tech companies, where you would really look overdressed — like maybe you had a job interview somewhere else — if you showed up wearing a tie.”

Spot on, Lauren. I had that very experience not long ago. I was interviewing a job candidate who came into my office with a bag in which he had a change of casual clothes he was going to slip back into afterward, so as not to tip off his current employer. Amazing.

Read the full article here.

Lauren A. Rothman is a seasoned pro in the style & fashion industry. Rothman is the author of “Style Bible: What to Wear to Work.” She has been featured on CNN en Español, Entertainment Tonight, E! News, The Insider, Reuters, AP News, and ABC News. Her tips have appeared in Vanity Fair, People StyleWatch, Glamour, Real Simple, Cosmo Latina, Oprah.com, Fortune, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and The New York Post.

To schedule an interview or seminar with Style Expert & Author
Lauren A. Rothman please contact:
Phone: +1.202.631.8878
Email: lauren@styleauteur.com

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Power Players

Dress to impress: The secrets of a stylish power dresser – Lauren Rothman, Styleauteur

Click Here to see video on ABC News and Yahoo News
Power Player

Whether you’re an intern looking to land a first job or at the top of the executive ladder, the principles of power dressing are useful guideposts for workplace fashion.

In this episode of “Power Players,” Lauren Rothman, author of the “Style Bible: What to Wear to Work,” takes us to Bloomingdale’s for some styling advice.

“That woman who’s going to the office, whether she’s running for office or she’s in the board room, the suit has really evolved, it’s not just about the traditional suit,” said Rothman, who said that women now wear more “creams and whites” rather than black and other loud colors.

“You’re seeing a little bit of what you see on the red carpet, which is the perforated, you’re seeing a little bit of the cutout, you’re now seeing it in the boardroom as well,” Rothman said.

Washington, D.C., has a buttoned up reputation and Rothman believes we will “always” see that in the nation’s capital, but noted that she thinks it’s most important to look “modern, but accessible.”

“The nature of this city is power and it is certainly the currency on how D.C. works,” Rothman said, adding it’s not just about dressing conservatively.

“Back in the day, you used to stop traffic with color, you would see politicians always sort of looking cheesy,” Rothman said. “They weren’t really well-dressed, they were in something boxy,” but now she says power players can look both “modern and fashion forward.”

Some of those styles are leather, the peplum, longer jackets, and making sure outfits work from day to night, which can be as simple as taking off a blazer, adding some accessories, and heading to an evening event.

“It’s really about taking the trends that we’re seeing off the runway and in the magazines and how do you bring them to the office,” Rothman said. “This season we have some really great trends … whether it’s taking the leather that can really go day to night … whether you’re going traditional or having a little bit more of a unique flair, it’s great for the office.”

And these tips and trends really can translate outside of the Beltway or what Rothman calls “from the runway to the real way.”

“This is all about dressing up for work, remembering that this is a place that’s important, whether you’re a power player by D.C. standards or really just going to a regular 9 to 5 job. You want to dress to impress,” Rothman said. “A lot of what you’re seeing at the office now and sort of that trend of power dressing is that it’s become softer. It’s become a little bit more fun. It’s less boxy, it’s less oversized.”

And we can’t forget the men. Rothman says it’s not just about the suit, watch, and leather shoes, but men are also showing their style and a “subtle power” through their socks. A style we know former President George H.W. Bush enjoys, but Rothman says came out of Silicon Valley.

“This is something where the hoodies and the jeans are accompanied by some pretty powerful socks,” Rothman said. “The louder the print, the louder the color, the more money in the wallet … men are really into their accessories, and that’s really a top power trend that we’re seeing now. So men are competing against each other, it’s not just a suit against a suit, but it’s a suit against the suit with the cufflinks and the pocket square … and the tie clip and the watch and the socks.”

For more tips on power dressing, and to see some of the hottest clothing trends for work, check out this episode of “Power Players.”

ABC News’ Betsy Klein, Tom Thornton, Hank Disselkamp, and Gary Rosenberg contributed to this episode.

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Catch up with Lauren A. Rothman as she gives you the inside scoop on fashion & style on the red carpet!
#Oscars  #AcademyAwards2014  #HuffPostStyle
Why the Red Carpet Really Does Matter!
Fashion Whip is a political style column in the Huffington Post by Lauren A. Rothman, inspired by Lauren’s experience as the founder of Styleauteur, a style and fashion consulting firm.

Read this article on TheHuffingtonPost.com

Tonight is one of Hollywood’s biggest nights. Academy Awards royalty will be crowned, but perhaps just as important, footprints of style success will be left on the red carpet.

As we turn on the tube or log on to social media to catch red carpet arrivals, we can’t help but be hypnotized by the beauty and glamour. We all become social voyeurs, wondering aloud at our Oscar viewing parties or on the phone with a bestie, “Will he bring his mother as his date? Is that couple still together amid all those divorce rumors? Her dress is amazing … Look at his ponytail!”

What many sitting at home in the comfort of skinnies and flats (or sweats) don’t often consider about this scene is that while it may appear glamorous and seamless, it actually takes a lot of hard work, prep and an extremely talented style squad.

The red carpet is still an office runway of sorts as Oscar nominees, presenters, performers and even stylists prepare for one of their biggest moments in the limelight. This red carpet appearance will become part of their digital resume and portfolio of looks to be recapped, imitated, judged and knocked-off for the next few weeks. Our favorite celebrities can’t control who will win the golden statues at this point, but the pressure is still on to win best-dressed!

Style as much as substance matters at the Academy Awards, from the way a dress moves, the opening of an envelope (the Academy upgraded from Staples products in 2011 to custom ones by Marc Friedland), the poise of an actor and even the floral and culinary artistry at the Governors Ball. Our personal votes may not influence the outcome on Oscar Sunday, but they are certainly cast long before anyone walks up to the podium to receive a statuette.

Just as First Lady Michelle Obama can help seal the fate — and future — of a designer based on her wardrobe choices, she has also taught us it’s not just who you wear but how you wear it — your poise and confidence. Style influencers of this caliber are rare, but the Academy Awards’ red carpet offers designers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, trainers, and even spray tanners a chance to land in the spotlight vicariously through their well-dressed clients.

The right look can truly cement you a spot at the front of the line! Lupita Nyong’o is this year’s standout style star on the red carpet. Her stylist, Micaela Erlanger, has made those flawless choices catapulting both thespian and stylist to the forefront of fashion media. While Nyong’o’s performance in “12 Years a Slave” is critically acclaimed and has her the predicted front-runner for an Oscar, she has already won the hearts of fashion darlings and style experts with her impeccable red carpet looks.

What happens to this year’s best-dressed royalty? Look for top trends to make their way to a department store near you. Prom season, The White House Correspondents Dinner and bridal season are all around the corner and will most definitely be impacted by Oscar winning styles!

Lauren A. Rothman is a seasoned pro in the style & fashion industry. Rothman is the author of “Style Bible: What to Wear to Work.” She has been featured on CNN en Español, Entertainment Tonight, E! News, The Insider, Reuters, AP News, and ABC News. Her tips have appeared in Vanity Fair, People StyleWatch, Glamour, Real Simple, Cosmo Latina, Oprah.com, Fortune, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and The New York Post.

To schedule an interview or seminar with Style Expert & Author
Lauren A. Rothman for Award Season Fashion or Michelle Obama Commentary
please contact:
Phone: +1.202.631.8878
Email:   lauren@styleauteur.com

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