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Will we have succeeded if the only person who can be you in you?

By 2020 I believe that we will be on the other side of the privacy debate, we will have accepted that no-one is in control, all data will be available and we will have strong rights and protections. We will have stop shifting data about as the Internet will be structured differently utilising pointers and tags and our bandwidth constraints will have been eclipsed. Whilst new issues will emerge such as digital ethics, digital death, policing of algorithms and coders, ownership of your analysis, filter bias and cashless assets; the stalwarts of privacy, security and access will be just be interesting MBA case studies. However, what will 2013 bring for our nascent personal digital eco-system of digital identity, digital reputation, digital lockers, digital vaults and VRM . The obvious is that the trend of empowering users with tools that allow us to assert some levels of control over our data will continue.

However, 2013 has to be about growth as we are starting to see the seeds of investment and cash availability. Those who do take the risk in a controlled and well thought out manner will grow and can take leadership positions. Whilst there is a continuing sense of change driven by financial uncertainty, we are on a continuum of becoming more digital and value will be created through the capture and analysis of data generated from your digital interaction.

My last strategy and business book My Digital Footprint on identity, privacy, trust and the direction of the Web is now 4 years young and whilst I continue to blog on all the core themes, I don’t sense that the market has moved on that much but the framework continues to guide my focus as I explore where next for the Web, associated business models, who owns your data and how value and wealth will be created.

The following will dominate my attention in the next 6 months….

  • How to close the Gap between “Identity” and “The only person who can be you is you”
  • Social influence and reputation – who will generate real value?
  • Digital Signals – what are the criteria for gathering the right sort of data.
  • Intention economy – analysis and prediction of what you intend and where is the data source.
  • How to make recommendation more human

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