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We are excited to share that Lauren A. Rothman is featured on Oprah.com! Early buzz for Style Bible: What to Wear to Work (Bibliomotion October 2013)


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6012 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older
By Pamela Masin

You Took the Song “Paint It, Black” Literally
Black does wonders for trimming a figure and is appropriate for almost every occasion, but as women get older, their skin tends to become paler-and wearing black can create a harsh contrast that emphasizes wrinkles and calls attention to dark shadows under the chin and around the eyes. Add a bright accessory like a scarf or a statement necklace-any pop of color will lessen the washed-out effect, says Lauren Rothman, the founder of Styleauteur.com and author of Style Bible: What to Wear to Work. She also suggests shopping for earthy neutrals-like cocoa, olive, camel or gray-which are subdued but still add contrast. Also, jewel tones are a color group that flatters most women. Here’s a way to find which works best with your skin tone.

Your Skirt Length Is Moving Down, Down, Down

Just because your age is increasing doesn’t mean your hemline has to as well. A skirt that grazes close to your ankles may hide slightly saggy knees, but it also tends to make women look wider and frumpier. Rothman says to find the most flattering skirt length for your shape, look in the mirror and note the slimmest part of the area around your knee-right above, right below or in the middle-and that’s where your hemline should hit. If you want more coverage, try a form-fitting midiskirt, which comes to the middle of your calf. This is a tricky length, so use our guide to finding the right midi hemline for your height.

Your Jeans Have Too Much Stretch

Stretch denim is a gift to women who shop for both comfort and style, but erring on the side of too much comfort can lead to lumpiness. “It’s best to look for jeans with 2 percent elastic fiber,” says Rothman. On the care label, you’ll see Lycra, spandex or elastane. The right jeans will follow your silhouette, have enough stretch so that your legs won’t look as if they’re fighting to break free from your pants and, unlike denim with 4 percent or more elastic fiber, won’t sag at the tush.

You’re Hiding Your Neck

It seems like the easy fix: Cover as much of the neck as possible with a turtleneck, but a better choice is a V-neck or scoop neck, which draws the eye to your décolletage (so long as it doesn’t show cleavage). Collared shirts draw attention away from the neck area while giving a little more coverage. You might also choose a statement necklace that sits a little longer. “Avoid chokers,” says Rothman. Pick a style that’s at least 22 inches long.

You’re Heaviest Below the Knees

Chunky heels and platform shoes add unnecessary heaviness to the bottom portion of your body. “Look for something more sleek and slim,” says Rothman. Stilettos are Rothman’s choice, though she suggests kitten heels for the more walking-inclined among us. Either way, she says, you can’t go wrong with a pointed toe.

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