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The App That iPhone Users Couldn’t Put Down Is Finally Launching On Android

Jillian D’Onfro


QuizUp, the popular trivia app that topped iOS game charts for months, finally launched for Android phones today.
The game lets you challenge friends and strangers to face-off in quizzes that range in topic from “House of Cards” to 17th Century History. Thor Fridriksson, founder and CEO of Plain Vanilla Games, the Icelandic company that makes the app, says that even before the Android launch today, QuizUp has been seeing about 50,000 new downloads per day.

He expects that number to explode now that Android users can finally join in on the fun.

Fridriksson describes QuizUp as a mix of a game and a social network because of the chat functionalities within the app and the ability to meet strangers by challenging them to quizzes. He says he’s even heard stories about users who started dating because of the game, and The Date Report wrote a how-to for using the app to find love.

Right now, QuizUp is working on expanding the game into other geographies and adding new features. Fridriksson says they’re working on finding ways to break down the charts into more-specific tournaments to recognize different tiers of winners. (You still might not like the game if you find yourself constantly losing, though.)

The company raised $22 million at the end of last year.

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