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8 Habits of Mentally Strong People

While it’s not possible to avoid negative states of mind entirely, some people are better than others at identifying what’s going on in their own head, processing their emotions and then moving on.

By Christina DesMaraisContributor, Inc.com
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Think of a time when you’ve felt frustrated, anxious, afraid, angry or heartbroken. It’s a not a place anyone wants to remain because these feelings are uncomfortable. While it’s not possible to avoid negative states of mind entirely, some people are better than others at identifying what’s going on in their own head, processing their emotions, and then moving on. Here are several ways mentally strong people conduct themselves.

1. They don’t ruminate

It’s when you revisit something that bothers you, thinking about it over and over again. Mentally strong people go to the source, fix the problem if possible and then stop stewing about it. They know that continually rehashing any situation is a waste of time.

2. They give strangers the benefit of the doubt

Spend enough time out in the world and you’ll encounter people who do things you wouldn’t — driving badly, speaking badly, or otherwise behaving badly. But there’s always a back story you’re not privy to. Maybe the guy who cut you off in traffic is trying to get to the hospital where a loved one is sick, giving birth, or about to die. Mentally strong people don’t let themselves get annoyed by the imperfections of others.

3. They practice and hone their willpower

The temptation to indulge in the wrong things or to not do the right things is common to all of humankind. Whether it’s fasting, exercising, or avoiding certain situations, mentally strong people understand that nearly every battle is won in the mind.

4. They choose their friends carefully

Drama-makers or negativity-broadcasters are kryptonite for anyone who wants to be solid-minded. Mentally strong people know that these energy vampires ruin a person’s sense of peace.

5. They practice generosity

Miserliness grows out of fear. Mentally strong people don’t worry about not having enough for themselves. They trust themselves to know their future is secure.

6. They’re good at empathizing

In other words, they’re emotionally intelligent and good at figuring out how and why people behave a certain way. For example, mentally strong people can see that the individual who drones on with lengthy stories is really looking for others to validate their worth. Or, they can discern when someone isn’t great at dealing with emotions, and adjust their own responses accordingly.

7. They take care of their bodies

How you feel physically certainly affects how you feel emotionally. Mentally strong people have a habit of daily exercise, are not prone to overindulgence, and are disciplined regarding what kinds of things they put into their mouths.

8. They don’t hold grudges

Just take a look at the bitter people in life. The hurts and grievances they can’t let go of are like a disease that hinders their ability to be happy, productive, confident, and fearless. Mentally strong people understand that with forgiveness comes freedom.

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