Here’s what stylist Lauren Rothman (Styleauteur) is shopping for right now- by Jess Feldman – NorthernVirginia magazine

Here’s what stylist Lauren Rothman is shopping for right now

Each week, we’re catching up with local stylists to discuss life at home, go-to loungewear and newfound obsessions during the coronavirus crisis.

Lauren Rothman in her closet
Fashion consultant Lauren Rothman has spent most of her at-home time shopping within her closet, instead of outside of it. In the right, Rothman shows off a sequin jumpsuit she planned on wearing for her birthday celebration. (Photos courtesy of Lauren Rothman)

While browsing through spring collections at local boutiques may not be an option right now, that doesn’t mean shopping is a thing of the past. Whether it’s self-care products, desk organizers or the perfect work-from-home outfit, many are continuing to find the items that make them look and feel their very best in the midst of this global crisis.

Lauren Rothman, fashion consultant and founder of Styleauteur, knows this firsthand, as she’s been working with companies virtually to rediscover the looks and regimens that work best for all employees, ultimately improving overall work ethic during this trying time.

Below, she shares her thoughts on current trends, must-have items and the showstopping outfit she plans on donning once Virginia’s stay-at-home order is lifted.

desk in a closet
Photo courtesy of Lauren Rothman
On the new normal: 

I spend so much more time seated now! I am online with clients almost every day doing sessions in style coaching, closet organizing and virtual shopping. I feel fortunate to be leading seminars over Zoom to help companies define work-from-home attire and empower their employees to practice self-care, and also be present in the midst of multitasking during this challenging time.

On what shopping looks like today:

I am definitely shopping less, and am helping everyone make the most out of what they already own. I have been shopping my closet more than anywhere else. My Lauren Moshi face mask (spray painted with red lips) is a new highlight in my wardrobe and Walmart is retail therapy—I recently grabbed a neon yellow bikini for less than $20 on my way to pay for groceries.

Also, I am helping my clients shop for WFH lounge and exercise clothes—golf attire is high on the list for many!

face mask with lips
Photo courtesy of Lauren Rothman
On self-care:

Doing my nails and creating my Zoom-friendly beauty routine is fun. About once a week, I use my Beachwaver and indulge my hair in fabulous waves. Exercise is key too.

On WFH attire:

Harem pants and jumpsuits are my staples. I live in a lot of basics like T-shirts, casual jeans and statement earrings. My fuzzy UGG slippers with glittery stars that my husband bought me for Hanukkah bring me daily joy too.

On the latest must-shop styles and sales:

A face mask is the hot accessory of the moment! Shopping my Instagram feed is one of my favorite new activities. And, I love supporting local businesses and have worked with stores to curate items for my clients that they then try on at home via video.

Plus, department stores are having terrific specials and the return process remains easy. Sephora is also having some awesome beauty deals if you’re looking for that right now.

On the look she’s most excited to show off when the pandemic ends:

I missed having a birthday party this month—I had a multi-color sequin jumpsuit all picked out and I can’t wait to add heels and give it a spin outside of my closet!

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