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holiday07_1.gifTony Fish, a member of Gerbsman Partners Board of Intellectual Capital, posted on his blog Open Gardens, an interesting comment a few days back in regards to Google Gears. Click here for the full entry.

Anit Jaokar, a partner of Tony Fish, discusses Google Gears. Google Gears is comprised of a local database, local processes and a web server – with the logic being written in Java script. Hence, Gears potentially fits in well with Mobile Ajax and Gears as well as with Mobile Web Widgets (and by that I mean Widgets created using Web standards as opposed to Widsets and similar products).

It’s a very intriguing thought in regards to mobile offline browsing. When looking on Java, Mobile Flash, Adobe Air, and MS Silverlight – something emerges. The thought of synchronizing online applications onto mobile device or desktop for later access is what web services and online services have missed out on. It is in fact so, that everyone is not online all the time – and most people unplug to get productive.

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