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What happened to the first 10 Apple employees

mike markkulaDigiBarn

Apple, unlike any other company in the world, has its identity tied to one individual: Steve Jobs.

And without question, Jobs was the driving force that turned Apple into the world’s most valuable tech company.

That’s why there have been two new movies on Jobs this year — a documentary and a biopic. That’s why there was another best-selling book on Jobs released this year.

But Jobs didn’t do it alone.

He always had a team of talented people helping him build Apple. Most of them have been forgotten, which is why we’ve gathered information on the first 10 employees at the company.

Apple’s first CEO, Michael Scott, gave us a bunch of color on the early days, and Steve Wozniak helped with a list of early employees, though it was based on his memory. We got our full list from another early employee.

The Apple employee numbers aren’t the order each person joined the company. When Scott came to Apple he had to give out numbers to each employee to make life easier for the payroll department.

Go to:  http://www.businessinsider.com/the-first-10-apple-employees-and-where-they-are-now-2015-10 for the detail list.

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Which iPhone Should You Buy?

phil schiller iphone models


The complete iPhone line.

In the past, buying an iPhone was as easy as walking into the store, grabbing the newest model, and going on your way. Not this year.

For the first time in Apple’s history, it has a genuinely diverse iPhone line. It is selling an iPhone 5C, 5S, 6, and 6 Plus. And all four phones are very good.

This means consumers in the market for an iPhone have a tough decision to make when it comes to which phone to purchase.

Since preorders start Friday, I decided to put together this guide to help anyone in the market for a new phone.

Before digging into the current phones, let’s talk about you. How rich are you? If money is no object, then you can skip the following section and just read about the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. If money is an object, then read on.


iphone 5 broken


If your phone looks like this, then upgrade.

Do you have an iPhone 4S or earlier? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely get a new iPhone.

If you have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S, and the phone is in good condition, you may not need to upgrade. The iPhone 5S is an excellent phone. The only drawback is that it has a smaller screen. If a bigger screen is really important to you, then you should upgrade. But if you’re happy with the 5S, then you should hold out for another year. Next year’s iPhone 6S will be better than the iPhone 6.

If you have an iPhone 5 and you’re on a contract and you’re eligible for an upgrade, then you should probably get a new phone. You can sell your iPhone 5 on Craigslist, or eBay, for ~$200, which effectively makes the cost of upgrading $0.

If you’re not on a contract, then it’s a bit more complicated. The iPhone 5 is a good phone that should still be working fine. If you don’t yearn for a bigger screen, then you can probably squeeze another year out of the phone. (And, again, next year’s iPhone is going to be better.)

What if you — gasp — have an Android phone? Apple CEO Tim Cook says you’ll have “a better life” if you get an iPhone. That’s a bit strong, but you will get a better selection of apps. A friend of mine who owns an Android phone was pestering me over Labor Day to write a story about how Android owners don’t get new features for apps until long after iPhone owners.

I like the iPhone and iOS better than Android. But, it’s a matter of taste. If you’re happy with Android, then stick with it. If you hate Android, then now is a good time to bail since Apple has bigger phones with better features.

With that out of the way, let’s explore the iPhone options. One thing to note: I have not used these phones. I have used every iPhone design since it was released and they’ve all been pretty good. I have tested all sorts of Android phones at various screen sizes, so I have a good idea about what you’ll be getting from Apple.


iphone 6

Steve Kovach/Business Insider

The iPhone 6 Plus is the most expensive phone in the lineup. The entry level model is $299 on a two-year contract.

It’s also the biggest with a 5.5-inch screen. It has the highest-resolution screen too. Apple is using the large screen to offer unique software options, like a keyboard that has dedicated keys for copy and paste and new display options for content. It also has a bigger battery and slightly longer battery life than other iPhones.

The iPhone 6 Plus is the phone I plan to buy. A few years ago I got a Samsung Note II at a Samsung event. It has a 5.5-inch screen. At first, I was inclined to dismiss the phone as too big and goofy. But the more I used it, the more I fell in love with the big screen.

If you’re the sort of person who lives on your phone, then you should get the iPhone 6 Plus. I use my phone from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. I check email and Twitter on it constantly. I do a lot of reading on my phone. My iPhone is a minicomputer and so I want a big screen. I have an iPad Mini, and I think I’m going to sell the iPad Mini and go all in on the big iPhone.

When you hold the phone to your head to make a call you might look funny, but so what? How many calls do you really make? I use headphones half the time I make calls, so this isn’t that big of a deal.

Two other concerns people have about the big phone: Is it too big for my hands, and is too big for my pockets? Let’s tackle those in reverse order.

The phone fits in your pocket, no problem. Because this is Apple, the phone is thinner than thin, so it won’t be too bulky. However, it is going to be a bit large. Personally, my phone is often out of my pockets. If I’m at work, I have it on my desk. If I am on the train, I am holding it and using it. If I am in a car, I use it for maps and directions. If I am at home on the couch, I usually have it out to surf the web while watching TV. If this sounds like you, then it’s no biggie. But if you keep your phone in your pocket all the time, it might be a problem. My colleague Steve Kovach tested the iPhone 6 Plus at the Apple event on Tuesday and said it fit in his jeans pocket perfectly.

As for hand size … that could be a problem! There is no question that a bigger phone is going to be harder to maneuver. If you’re really worried about this, go to the Apple Store when the phones are out and try picking up the 6 Plus. If it’s too much it’s too much. I’m over 6 feet tall, and, I guess, have hands that correspond with that size. I don’t think the bigger phone is much of a problem. Sometimes it will be clunky, but life is a series of trade-offs, I think it’s the bigger screen is worth it.

Both new iPhones also have a special one-handed mode that pops the top portion of the screen down so you can reach it with your thumb. You just lightly tap the home button twice to do it:

Bottom line: Buy the iPhone 6 Plus if you live on your phone. It’s a great size, and it’s better than owning a tablet. Don’t buy it if you have small hands, and you don’t live and die with your iPhone.


iphone 6

Steve Kovach/Business Insider

The iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch screen, which is probably the best screen size for most people. It’s not too big and it’s not too small. The entry-level iPhone 6 costs $199 with a two-year contract. If you’re due for an upgrade and you want the next model iPhone, this is probably the phone you should buy.

The iPhone 6 has a new A8 chip, which Apple says is faster than last year’s A7 chip. It has an M8 chip, which tracks your motion to keep track of steps. It also has a barometer, so it can tell how high you’ve gone, counting the stairs you’ve climbed. The camera is also upgraded, likely making it the best smartphone camera on the market. (Of course, all of this is on the iPhone 6 Plus, too.)

There are two reasons to go with the iPhone 6 over the 6 Plus — price and screen size. If you want to save a little money and you don’t want the bigger screen, then this is the phone for you.

The only other difference between the 6 or 6 Plus besides screen size is the camera. The iPhone 6 Plus camera has better video stabilization than the iPhone 6. It’s a minor feature that most people won’t really notice or care about, but probably something you should know if you plan to shoot a lot of video.

Bottom line: The iPhone 6 is the replacement for the iPhone 5S. If you just want the latest greatest iPhone with no compromises, this is the phone for you. Don’t buy it if you want a giant screen or if you like the current size of the iPhone.


What if you don’t want a really big screen? What if you like the current 4-inch screen? You’re in luck.

Apple will be selling the iPhone 5S for $99 with a two-year contract. The iPhone 5S is a great phone. Unlike in year’s past, it doesn’t feel like the 5S is significantly worse than the phone that’s replacing it. The 5S has a fingerprint scanner and a motion tracker, just like the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 is slightly faster, and its motion tracker is slightly better, but it doesn’t seem like it’s that big of a deal. The camera on the iPhone 6 is slightly better, but not significantly so.

If you don’t want a big screen and you’d like to save some money, the iPhone 5S is the phone for you. It’s a really good phone, and if you use a 5S for the next two to three years, you won’t be let down.

Bottom line: Buy the iPhone 5S if you don’t want a big screen. Don’t buy it if you do want the big screen.


iPhone 5C back

Steve Kovach/Business Insider

The iPhone 5C is a very good entry-level phone. It has a 4-inch screen. It doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles of the other models. If you are on a limited budget, you want a small screen, and you like colors, this is the phone for you. It’s $0 with a two-year contract, and it works pretty well.

The risk is that it’s going to be obsolete in a few years. If you plan to have the phone for the next two to three years, then it’s worth paying $100 to $200 for a better phone. If you don’t use your phone much, or your just want a hold over for a year or two, then get the 5C. In yellow. Be bold!

Bottom line: If you don’t have much money, or don’t care about screen sizes, or you don’t care about the latest features, get this one.


apple iPhone tim cook


By now, you’ve decided which phone is for you.

What color should you get? It’s up to you really. But if you want me to make a decision for you, here’s my advice:

  • iPhone 6 Plus in black/space grey
  • iPhone 6 in white/silver
  • 5S in white/gold
  • iPhone 5C in yellow

As for storage, I recommend getting the midtier, which is 64 GB for the 6 and 6 Plus. If you’re getting a 5S or a 5C, then that’s 32 GB. These things are great for taking photos and video. Unfortunately, that stuff takes up a lot of storage space, so it’s worth paying the extra $100 to get the space.

If you have questions, ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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One Year Ago Today, Tim Cook Made His Biggest Move As Apple CEO, And Truly Started The Post-Steve Jobs Era

tim cook scott forstall apple

REUTERS/Stephen Lam

Tim Cook on stage with Scott Forstall (on the right).

A year ago today, Apple fired Scott Forstall, the SVP of iOS software. iOS is the software that powers the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Together, those products make up 70% of the company’s revenue

Firing Forstall was the biggest decision Tim Cook made as CEO. It set a new direction for Apple, and truly started the post-Steve Jobs era. 

Ousting Forstall had to be a tough decision for Cook. Forstall created the iPhone’s software. On the patent for how the iPhone works, Forstall is the second name after Steve Jobs

Forstall was considered a mini-Steve Jobs. He was also dubbed the “CEO-in-waiting.” He was smart, hard-working, and abrasive. However, unlike Jobs’ abrasive personality which managed to win people over and command loyalty, Forstall’s abrasive personality was a turn-off to Apple’s top executives.

That is reportedly why Apple forced Forstall out of the company. 

jony ive apple


Jony Ive, the new leader at Apple.

Jony Ive, the hardware designer who makes Apple’s industry defining device designs, reportedly couldn’t stand to be in the same room as Forstall. Bob Mansfield, who led Apple’s hardware engineering also disliked Forstall.Cook had a choice: Keep Forstall, who ran the most important business at Apple, and alienate Ive, and Mansfield. Or fire Forstall, and keep those guys happy.

Luckily for him, Forstall made the choice simple. Forstall led the development of Siri, and Apple Maps. Both were big flops, and embarrassments for Apple. Cook issued a public apology for Maps, and asked Forstall to sign his name to it. Forstall refused, and Cook decided enough was enough. He forced Forstall out.

At least, that’s the story that leaked in the press. It’s possible Cook was thinking about firing Forstall sooner.

We don’t know the full story because Forstall has disappeared. He hasn’t made a single peep as far as we can tell. At various points through the year, we’ve tried to ask around to see what he’s doing, but we’ve heard zip.

This is in contrast to Steven Sinofsky, who was at Microsoft. Sinofsky, much like Forstall, was considered the CEO-in-waiting at Microsoft. He led Windows, and was said to have a demanding, abrasive personality. He too was forced out of Microsoft.

Steven Sinofsky


Steven Sinofsky

Unlike Forstall, who went silent, Sinofsky was commenting on blogs, writing his own long blog posts, working at Harvard, and eventually turned up at venture firm Andreessen Horowitz.Forstall, meanwhile, is nowhere to be found. It’s still early in the day, but thus far we haven’t even seen another story marking the occasion. Forstall has been forgotten.

Which is strange, because the day after he was booted, we noted he was the most valuable free agent in tech. Samsung, Microsoft, Google, and many other companies would love to have Forstall, with his expertise in mobile software.

He’s clearly bound by a contractual agreement to sit still. This too is surprising, though. How much money could Apple pay him to shut up? Is it worth being gagged for years? Especially when you consider what Apple has done to his work.

Since Forstall left, Apple has wiped out much of his legacy. The basics of how the iPhone works remain intact. However, the look and feel of the iPhone’s software are totally different.

Ive was promoted when Forstall was fired. Ive changed everything about how iOS looks. He “flattened” it. He took away the life-like animations, and life-like illustrations. He made things simple, less glitzy.

When Apple introduced its new software in June, it even took little potshots at Forstall’s design.

craig federighi calendar

Business Insider

Federighi on stage making fun of Apple’s old design.

On stage, Craig Federighi, who also got a promotion when Forstall was kicked out, introduced a redesigned Game Center saying, “We ran out of felt and wood.” The old version of Game Center had a felt and wood design on it. The new version was flat, with no textures.It was weird to see Apple making fun of… well, Apple. Federighi wasn’t just insulting Forstall’s design taste, but also the design taste of Steve Jobs, who reportedly loved digital textures that looked like real-life design. 

iOS6 vs. iOS7 Game Center


How Game Center changed. The Forstall/Jobs-approved version is on the left.

I’m not going to pretend to know Jobs’s taste — no one could, that’s what made Steve Jobs Steve Jobs — but I can certainly make a guess, and my guess is that he would not have supported this direction,” Apple authority John Gruber recently wrote, “Apple authority John Gruber recently wrote, “This is neither damning nor praising iOS 7. But I do think it’s a tangible sign that Tim Cook means it when he says that Jobs’s advice to him was never to ask ‘What would Steve have done?’ but instead to simply ask ‘What is best for Apple?’ and judge for himself.”This design change is the first truly post-Jobs product Apple released. 

By removing Forstall, Cook set the path for the company in the years to come. Ive will be the creative genius, the visionary that guides Apple. The company will be more collaborative, and less tied to one person as it was under Jobs. 

So far, the results look good. iOS 7 has some problems, but overall, it’s a solid product. It didn’t suffer from the glaring problems that plagued Siri and Maps. 

For now, firing Forstall, the biggest decision Cook made as CEO, seems to be the right one. 

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Apple Delivered A Game-Changing Innovation With The iPhone 5S And The Reviewers Are Freaking Out Over It

Jay Yarow

screen shot 2013-09-10 at 2.42.38 pm

POGUE: The Camera And The Flash On The iPhone 5S Are Great

Apple Is Going To Have A ‘Grotesquely’ Low Supply Of The New iPhone 5S On Friday

GENE MUNSTER: I Still Have A ‘High Conviction’ That Apple Announces A Television This Year

The fingerprint scanner Apple built into the iPhone 5S is a smash hit with reviewers.
It’s getting nearly universal acclaim. Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal calls it a game changer.

It sounds like a major innovation that is going to completely change how we interact with our phones. Swiping to unlock is going to be a thing of the past.

Here’s a sample of the reactions:

David Pogue at NYT: “It’s nothing like the balky, infuriating fingerprint-reader efforts of earlier cellphones. It’s genuinely awesome; the haters can go jump off a pier.”

Walt Mossberg at WSJ: “After using Touch ID, I found it annoying to go back to typing in passcodes on my older iPhone.”

John Gruber of Daring Fireball: “Touch ID is way faster than ‘fast enough’. I’d call it ‘I can’t believe it works this quickly’ fast. It’s also very accurate — only a handful of times over the past week have I had to try a second time, and each of those times, I hadn’t really squared up my finger with the sensor.”

Jim Dalrymple of Loop Insight: “The fingerprint sensor solved a problem and makes my handling of the iPhone more efficient. That’s what a feature should do.”

Myriam Joire Engadget: “And it is indeed fast: the scanner was able to pick up all of our fingers in fractions of a second and from any angle. It’s so natural, in fact, that we almost forgot that passwords and unlock screens even existed on the 5s; on countless occasions we tried to unlock the iPhone 5 and 5c with the scanner before realizing that we had to use the “old-fashioned” slide-to-unlock method.”

Scott Stein, CNET: “A few previous smartphones have added fingerprint sensors before, like the Motorola Atrix, but those were more awkward bars that needed finger-swiping. The Touch ID-enabled home button feels invisible; it works with a tap, can recognize your finger from many angles, and feels like it has less of a fail rate than fingerprint sensors I’ve used on laptops. It’s impressive tech. It worked on all my fingers, and even my toe (I was curious).”

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-fingerprint-scanner-reviewed-2013-9#ixzz2fFqOSZxD

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